Alert service for ticket platform
TU/e, User System Interaction Program
2 Interaction Designers and Biomedical Engineer
6 weeks

Evaluation of the dashboard for online ticket selling. Making the proposal how to improve customer experience.
Heuristic Evaluation
Eventix is an online e-ticket solution for event organizers all around the word. Via the online platform, an organizer can create an event and immediately start selling tickets.
We as the experts compared the existing Eventix dashboar with the list of predefined principles and found some usability issues.
Flexibility and Efficiency of use:
the system itself did not support the process and difficult in usage without help of online helpdesk.
Consistency and Standards:
inconsistency in typography of the titles.
Help and Documentation:
help message contains too much text and only general information, for the specific question you have to contact the help person via a chat box.
the dashboard is not responsible on the mobile platforms, although, the scanning App of the same company is frequently used even while in-door selling of tickets.
Moreover, we asked the customers of Events to participate in our questionnaire in order to get insides about their experience of working with the dashboard.
"Reports are not easily accessible, I always have to login on the web platform what is especially frustraiting on the go."
"I can download the only .csv file and then I have no idea what the presented data mean."
The current data that is presented on the dashboard feels insufficient for event organizers.
Ideation and Prototyping
After interviewing the users we created 5 personas according to the specifics of the events what they are organizing: sports, theatre, gigs and conferences.
A customizable dashboard where meaningful data can easily be compared and where the user is frequently updated.
"The applets that are available cover most of the information that I want to know about, so this would really help me in managing my event."

"If I have a lot of events, the alerts can notify me without me having to check each event every time."
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