Mission Eureka
TU/e, User System Interaction Program
Philips Museum, Eindhoven, the Netherlands
Philips Museum
2 Interaction Designers, Cognetive Psychologist, Graphic Designer
2 months

Evaluation of the interactive museum game for children and adaptation of the content to different age categories.
Task Analysis
Mission Eureka is a group iPad game for kids and their parents, launched in Philips museum in Eindhoven. It is suitable for everyone aged 8 years and upwards. The game contains quizzes and drawing challenges that are intended to increase an interest in the Philips innovations and technology itself.
We started the task analysis from the Contextual inquiry with five participants which were asked to finish the existing game thinking out loud.
One of the main problem that we had observed that kids are not paying attention to the exhibition during using the museum game. The complexity of content, question terminology, and length of sentence, was also not appropriate for primary school age. Moreover, there is a lack of connection between the game and the museum that decrease the meaning of using this game in the museum space.
With crowdsourcing platform we had launched the questionnaire asking people provide the feedback about the main character of the game, Einstein's style young geek. According to the museum visitors and also to the director opinion, this character does not cause sympathy.
Among other pitfalls could be mentioned the words of feedbacks like "Too bad ... Are you serious?!" that are too informal even for children and make a non-positive impression. The last what we noticed, was a navigation problem that the game map doesn't solve.
The main issues of the game is a complexity of the content. But not less important to build the connection between the game and the museum.
and User Testing
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